A personal note from Garth and Sandy:

We began our massage therapy practice in 1991.  In 1998 we were extremely fortunate to be introduced to John Barnes Myofascial Release, changing our lives and our practice forever.  MFR as taught by John is a multidimensional bodywork, honoring the mind-body connection while treating the physical structure.  We began to see immediate changes in our effectiveness, as well as experiencing deep personal healing and increased wellness.

As we continued our MFR training and witnessed the consistent results of this highly effective modality, it became clear to us that focusing exclusively on MFR and investing the time, energy, and money to become expert level MFR therapists was of utmost importance.  

We have been honored to assist John and his team as instructors, and love to see the lights come on as therapists begin to understand the important role of fascia in health. 

We offer only Myofascial Release at our center and have set up our facility to provide an optimized MFR experience.  A talented musician, Garth has taken the MFR principle of never forcing the mind-body and applied it to composition and sound design for therapy. His music subtly enhances the work we do.  

We feel that to become truly proficient in a practice requires dedication, constant renewal, and love for the work. Please visit our center and feel the results for yourself. 

Assisting John Barnes with a recent seminar series in Nashville

Assisting John Barnes with a recent seminar series in Nashville

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